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We carry a wide collection of specialized flooring options for our customers ranging from solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, laminate flooring & luxury vinyl flooring.



As great as solid hardwood flooring is, there are cases where solid hardwood floors aren’t the best option, mainly due to poor conditions/enviroment. This is where engineered hardwood floors come in and have opened a door to greater possibilities for customers who still prefer a real hardwood surface. Engineered floors are indistinguishable from solid hardwood once they are installed. Engineered floors are constructed from cross layered ply cores that are pressed with a veneered top layer of solid hardwood which allows the overall product to be much more stable and forgiving to humidity and moisture changes.

Benefits of Engineered Flooring

– allowed to be installed below grade 

– can be installed on concrete subfloor without the need of building a subfloor

– ideal relative humidity range for: 

solid hardwood is 45-55%  

engineered floors can range from 35-75%

– available in numerous textured finishes and species of wood

– can be milled into wider planks that solid hardwood cannot 

* engineered hardwood cannot always be refinished, different manufacturers use different methods of construction and wear layer thicknesses. Wider plank floors also recommend glue & nail installation


For many years, solid hardwood flooring has been the most popular and common type of flooring used in homes. It is durable, natural feel, and is available in different types of species, the most common being; Canadian Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, White Ash, Yellow Birch and Hickory. Every hardwood has it’s own distinct look and characteristics. The biggest advantage many customers appreciate with a solid product is that they can be refinished a couple times [depending on the wear] which can extend the lifespan of the floors. Industry standard thickness is 3/4″ and widths typically range from 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″ & 4 1/4″.

Benefits of Solid Hardwood

– adds great value to your home

– can be refinished to extend lifetime of floors

– prefinished solid hardwood easily replaceable to fix scratched or damaged boards

* A key note to remember about solid hardwood floors is they can be susceptible to humidity change in your home which can cause gapping or cupping. Solid products are to be installed above grade only and not warrantied in areas where they can be mixed with water or liquids



Luxury vinyl floors are becoming more and more popular with customers who looking for an extremely durable floor which in most cases is 100% waterproof and even more durable and forgiving than laminate floors. The new vinyl collections our partners are releasing are beautiful and have natural wood looks and textures which make them very hard to differentiate from natural wood surfaces. The perfect options for basements or even kitchens/powder rooms where water is easily transferred to the floors

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

– very easy to work with, many homeowners install themselves

– extremely durable

– water resistant

– a new smart drop system allows floors to be installed without any click systems or glue required

* due to thinner profiles found in most vinyl products, it is imperative to inspect existing subfloor to make sure it will be suitable for any floating vinyl floor; as an uneven subfloor may cause the new floors to have a lot of movement when used, and may lead to floors separating in high traffic areas.



Laminate flooring has come a long way from when it was first introduced twenty years ago. Laminate floors are a great alternative to hardwood floors for projects where durability is a concern. Laminates are constructed similarly to engineered products, where there are layers to it. Laminates are constructed with a top layer of a print to replicate finished materials such as hardwood. With the inside core being made of a HDF and plastic backing to add stability. Laminate floors are created with a “lock” system resulting in a floating floor, which is another reason why installation over a concrete pad is simplified, eliminating the need of building any additional subfloors. 

Benefits of Laminate Floors

– inexpensive alternative to traditional hardwood or engineered floors

– great product for customers to install themselves, easy to work with drop click system

– newer technologies have allowed for a great improvement in the quality of laminate floors, creating much more realistic stains and finishes to products 

– can be installed over radiant floor heating

*it is important to note before applying any floating laminate floor, to inspect the existing subfloor to make sure it is a flat surface; to avoid any hollow spots or areas where floor may “bounce” when walked on